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Why Strong, Capable, Woman?

The goal is to inspire women, let them know they are empowered to meet any goals they may have.

Feeling beat down by the patriarchy? You are a Strong Capable Woman. Don’t let the patriarchy stop you.

Feeling like you can’t do one more rep at the gym? You are a Strong Capable Woman. Don’t let the weight stop you.

Feeling like you want the world to see you as more than a pretty face? You are a Strong Capable Woman. You can be beautiful, strong, and get shit done.

Feeling like the today’s news is too much? You are a Strong Capable Woman. Don’t let the boys club get you down, you have your own girls club that is superior.

How can I Help?

Let others know they are a #strongcapablewoman IRL, on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

We become stronger as humans if we build each other up instead of breaking each other down. Be positive, encouraging, and support your fellow FTW’s out there.

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Buy a t-shirt – the end goal is for proceeds to be donated to a female-forward non-profit, event, or fundraiser. Contact Kiki if you’d like your organization to be considered!

About Kiki

Kiki is a Strong Capable Woman who loves racing her bicycle. At a crit in 2017, she cheered for one of her Kingfield Race Team ladies who needed some encouragement. In the hype of the moment as her teammate struggled to close a gap, she encouraged “YOU ARE A STRONG, CAPABLE WOMAN. YOU GOT THIS!” The witty remark put a smile on her teammate’s face, and the rest is history. The team started using YOU ARE A STRONG CAPABLE WOMAN to get through tough workouts, to sprint to be first at the finish, and eventually it seeped into daily life.

As an engineering and biomedical science teacher at a local high school, she soon found herself giving students the same encouragement when content got challenging or when boys in the class questioned their skill as scientists. Students started writing this slogan in their calendars, agendas, and in notes to each other.

Image courtesy of Kate Lockhart from Riot Grrravel Race Series in Minnesota