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So, I’m having one of those Sundays where I just came off of a 60 hour work-week. I was only home to cook food, shove it in my face, and pass out. I was lucky to shower 3 times this week. Friday night I was with students at the Science Fair until 9pm, only to get up at 6am to appraise at a Destination Imagination tournament until 6pm. I looked all week for inspiration to keep to my plans, not rest until the work is done.

For those of you who don’t know me, I do my best to wake up at 4:45am to get to my 5:30am strength or CompuTrainer classes at Kingfield Endurance. I go straight from training to school where I teach engineering and biomedical science. Most days after school I have meetings with different school groups I coach until 4:30 or 5pm. If I’m lucky, I get to go home afterwards and cook dinner with my partner and hang out until 8pm. I am not 30, but I like to go to bed at 8:30. It makes for LONG days. Weekends are a required time for me to decompress from my weeks. I try to regenerate energy for the week ahead, but they haven’t been a space for relaxation recently.

A couple of my close friends appraised with me at Destination Imagination on Saturday. It was such a relief to spend time with ladies I love, respect, and look up to. One of them was gushing about how amazing it is that I can do all of these things to help kids while maintaining my own sense of self on my race team. I love to beat myself down. Tell myself I am insignificant. Tell myself that my actions don’t speak volumes. Her comment was really meaningful to me. I can only imagine the power if more women let their inspirations know how incredible they are.

Cat sleeping on shoulders

I wish I could relax as easily as my gato, Marco!

As I look forward to the next couple of months where my training plans just continually increase,  I hope to spend some of my “rest” days with the friends I haven’t seen as much lately. It’s becoming obvious that I don’t want to lose the closeness I have with these ladies nor the community we share together. We’re definitely better together.

Your First Challenge from Strong Capable Woman:

My challenge for you this week is to reach out to one woman you look up to. Let her know why she inspires you, and see if you can connect with her in person or over Skype, FaceTime, whatever. Maybe it’s your mom, your sister, a long-lost college friend. Let’s work on our networking and our ability to build each other up. It’s reciprocal. What you send out you’ll get back in, and there is ALWAYS enough time for the important things in life.Feel free to share about your inspiring woman story on Strong Capable Woman. We’re also hoping to close our pre-order in March for the tees and tanks, so please buy one! I’m hoping to finalize my non-profit for this run with an organization that supports young female cyclists!

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